GNM lecture at the Norwegian Institute at Athens – or: the return from art to archaeology!

On the occasion of the first week of the exhibition of photographs at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art, titled “From Nubia to Sudan through the eyes of the Greek-Norwegian Archaeological Mission“, a lecture was organized at the Norwegian Institute at Athens presenting the results from archaeological fieldwork on Sai Island. The title of the lecture was “The Cathedral in the Sand – Greek Norwegian excavations in the Sudan” and it was framed by a general introduction to Medieval Nubia, and by a closing brief presentation of the exhibition itself.

The opportunity to talk about the Medieval Sai Project was most welcome by the GNM. And it seems that it was also a fine venue to attend for the audience that honored us with their presence!

Both the lecture and the discussions that followed brought us again close to our beloved island, its archaeological interest, its threats for the future, its wonderful people…

And it proved a fine moment to do that!

For in the coming days we were contacted again by our colleagues from the Sai Island Archaeological Mission of the University of Lille 3, Charles de Gaulles, namely Didier Devauchelle and Florence Doyen. They sent us the proofs of the publication on the Funerary Inscriptions from Medieval Sai, as well as the invitation for the coming season of fieldwork on the island to be conducted between mid-January and mid-February!

Time to start preparing the next trip to Sudan?

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1 Response to GNM lecture at the Norwegian Institute at Athens – or: the return from art to archaeology!

  1. chirine nour says:

    yperoha ta nea gia to epomeno taxidi sto soudan!!!!!!

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