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Gold rush and Sudan archaeology

One of the aspects that made the Middle Nile Valley attractive for Pharaonic Egypt was the gold that could be found in some of its stretches. The legends around the Nubian gold were so strong that later on, it was … Continue reading

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Past, present, and future discoveries

In the previous entry, we were referring to life on Sai in the dig house of the French Mission from the University of Lille. A particular importance of this house is that it hosts most of the archaeological material found … Continue reading

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The world of the saqia

The new month redirects our attention to a subject that has occupied our Internet Space quite often in this year: the waterwheel. Let’s remember the entries that were dedicated to the Nubian saqias and related topics. 1. On the 1st … Continue reading

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GNM lecture at the Norwegian Institute at Athens – or: the return from art to archaeology!

On the occasion of the first week of the exhibition of photographs at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art, titled “From Nubia to Sudan through the eyes of the Greek-Norwegian Archaeological Mission“, a lecture was organized at the Norwegian Institute … Continue reading

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From Nubia to Sudan: an Internet guiding

It would be hard to compare the last two weeks in Athens with any other visit to the Greek capital, since the Greek-Norwegian archaeological and nubiological reality started being presented through the Medieval Sai Project. The reason is not difficult … Continue reading

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The future of the Nile @ Anastasi’s Egyptological Collection

Ten days have passed since Henriette gave a lecture on “The Nile in the 21st century”, in a venue organized by the Norwegian Egyptological Society at the Gallery of Egyptian Antiquities of the Bergen Museum. The lecture summarized in Norwegian … Continue reading

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A Friday Prayer

In Islam, and wherever there are Muslims, Friday is the day for prayers par excellence. So, although not of the Muslim faith ourselves, the present entry goes out as a prayer for the memory of the Honorary President of the … Continue reading

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News from Bergen

It has been a couple of days since Henriette returned to Bergen. The main reasons for that was the honouring of her supervisor, Randi Haaland, with the title of professor emeritus at the University of Bergen. In a fine ceremony, words of praise … Continue reading

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North vs. South from a Sai perspective

The return after the summer break to the Medieval Sai Project in wordpress finds us in front of a completely new situation regarding the land our fieldwork is conducted in: Sudan has been officially split up into a northern and … Continue reading

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Kharga Oasis and the Darb el-Arbain in Athens

The cultivation of the desert with water irrigated from underground aquifer systems aims at creating technically what naturally is called an oasis. Some of the largest (natural) oases of the Western Desert, hundreds of kilometers away from the Nile Valley, … Continue reading

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