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Closing 2016…

The year that ends in 24 hours has wounded us all in various ways. To put it mildly, it has raised many questions that we will need to find answers to. I am not referring particularly to things related with … Continue reading

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Nubia and Palmyra

The title of the present post will surely strike some as at least strange. What can possibly be the links between these two peripheries of the Roman Empire? However, a book that I just read offered me some very interesting insights. … Continue reading

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Nubia as companion to Byzantium in Wiley-Blackwell’s Companion to Byzantium

In the last years, the major publishing houses have begun an interesting competition in producing handbooks about all topics possible (see for example HERE for Oxford’s on Byzantine Studies). Recently, I came across one of these impressive volumes in the library … Continue reading

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One goal achieved

In the first entry for 2016, we listed some goals that would be worth pursuing in the New Year. Among those, reading a couple of new publications was named. And indeed, one of them, perhaps the most awaited, has already … Continue reading

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Sudan & Nubia volume 19

A good friend of ours and dedicated reader of our blog said a couple of weeks ago that he is expecting the annual presentation of the Sudan & Nubia volume, because this is one of the markers in his calendar that … Continue reading

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A literary celebration of an anniversary

We just came back from a visit to Dalsfjorden in the prefecture of Møre and Romsdal, 7 hours drive north of Bergen. We had an excellent time with our family and friends, enjoying a relaxing weekend. For these days, I … Continue reading

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It happened in Poland…

The last weeks three news came to us from Poland. Three news that in their own particular way each, and in different degrees, mark a significant change in the study of the Christian cultures of the Middle and Lower Nile Valleys, … Continue reading

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