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Events in May

Last time I wrote in the blog, I referred to the participation of Cornelia Kleinitz in the SARS annual colloquium in London next week. Those who will have the chance to be there on the 9th of May will attend a … Continue reading

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From Berlin to Meroe and from Meroe to Alwa

Last week found me in Berlin again. I was there at the invitation of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI)  to begin cooperation with Cornelia Kleinitz on the medieval graffiti from the pyramids at Meroë and I cannot wait to present the results … Continue reading

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A Seminar on Literary Old Nubian in Khartoum

This post was prepared by Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei whom we deeply thank for sharing this report from a most important venue through our blog. The 2013 Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference at the University of Cologne was for me the first … Continue reading

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Nubia as companion to Byzantium in Wiley-Blackwell’s Companion to Byzantium

In the last years, the major publishing houses have begun an interesting competition in producing handbooks about all topics possible (see for example HERE for Oxford’s on Byzantine Studies). Recently, I came across one of these impressive volumes in the library … Continue reading

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One goal achieved

In the first entry for 2016, we listed some goals that would be worth pursuing in the New Year. Among those, reading a couple of new publications was named. And indeed, one of them, perhaps the most awaited, has already … Continue reading

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Travelling with Henriette in Western Norway

The title of the present entry is inspired by the Greek TV travel series “Travelling with Magia Tsokli”, which toured all sorts of destinations around the world, where the crew of two, Magia Tsokli and Ηronis Pehlivanidis, were guided by a … Continue reading

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Czechs in the Middle Nile

A couple of days ago we received an email announcing the prolongation of the deadline for the submission of abstracts of papers for the 12th Meroitic Conference in Prague in September. There is now time until the 20th of January … Continue reading

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