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Sudan & Nubia 23

Once again with an interval of a year, I return to the presentation of the new Sudan & Nubia volume, No. 23, which arrived at my post-box last week. There are several reasons to decide writing this blog post these … Continue reading

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Wanderings about Nubian Frontiers in Warsaw

On the 18th of December I returned to Warsaw. Such a return concerns normally a Nubiological event, but it’s of course always a pleasure to see my friends there and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the town, highlighted specially the … Continue reading

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A Report from a Visit to Sai Island by Magdalena Wozniak

After several years of absence from fieldwork on Sai Island, an opportunity appeared in June to resume some sort of work in the form of a reconnaissance trip and the writing of a report on the conditions of the site, … Continue reading

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Eid chez Claude in support of the people in the streets of Khartoum

On Saturday the 8th of June, Bergen celebrated Eid at the exhibition of Claude Iverné at Bergenkjøtt. The event was planned when the political situation in Sudan was much calmer… …but as things have developed, inevitably our gathering became also … Continue reading

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Yesterday I published an article about some of the “Treasures from Nubia and Sudan in Bergen” in the weekly column of the Manuscripts’ and Rare Books’ Collections hosted at the online journal of the University of Bergen “På Høyden“. The … Continue reading

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About Claude

It is rare to come across a reference to Sai Island in my everyday life in Bergen, unless this happens in the frame of my own research. Yesterday, however, one of these rare instances took place, where someone else brought … Continue reading

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It is just the second time that I write something about a fiction book in this blog. There are, however, a couple of excuses for returning after four years to such an activity – if there is indeed need of … Continue reading

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Nubian women – studies on their past, their lives now, and a drive for a better future

In the end of 2018, the editorial team of Dotawo proudly announced its fifth volume, this time on the topic: “Nubian women”. I have not written on it from here, because  its appearance coincided with a rather silent period for … Continue reading

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Cherchez la femme…

I am returning from a trip to Cologne. It was a combination of business and pleasure. Business was as usual: a talk about Christian Nubia; although this time the background story was a rather honorable opportunity, as you can see from … Continue reading

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A Newly “discovered” Funerary Stela from Sai Island!

It is the first time that I haven’t written in the blog for so long, but this return does not imply that I will resume frequent blogging. However, it is a statement that is alive and that if an … Continue reading

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