This page hosts interviews with persons of interest for Medieval Sai Project:

1. A Norwegian Pianist in Sudan: A dialogue with Joachim Kwetzinsky

2. Porridge and Gender: A snapshot of daily life commented by professor Randi Haaland

3. Between Arabia and Africa: Travels with Henning Neuschaeffer

4. The Calendars of studio3: African stories of the Scheidhammer family

5. ΠΟΙΗΣΗ – ΔΙΠΛΩΜΑΤΙΑ – ΚΟΣΜΟΣ: Greek words in international Discourse with Y. Veis

6. A Greek-Swedish Painter in Khartoum: Getting to know Martina Anagnostou

7. From Italy to Nubia: Comments on culture by Costanza de Simone

8. Dialogues on African Regions of the Mind: Discussing with Robin Seignobos

10. Nubiological Coincidences: Thoughts and Sketches of Dobrochna Zielińska

11. Bosporus and the Nile from the Amazon: Meeting João Vicente de Medeiros Publio Dias

13. Nubian Identity in Museum Exhibitions: An academic approach by Sally-Ann Ashton

14. An Austrian Perspective on Sudan Studies: a dialogue with professor Michael Zach

15. Social History and Critic from Sai Island: getting to know better M. Jalal Hashim


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