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Nubian Letters 7

Beyond the permanent places on the Net, where topics of interest for Nubia and the Sudan are treated, there appear occasionally news from archaeological discoveries or groundbreaking results from academic research. One that appeared this weekend and combines both archaeology … Continue reading

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GNM lecture at the Norwegian Institute at Athens – or: the return from art to archaeology!

On the occasion of the first week of the exhibition of photographs at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art, titled “From Nubia to Sudan through the eyes of the Greek-Norwegian Archaeological Mission“, a lecture was organized at the Norwegian Institute … Continue reading

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People of Nubia in Chicago

The return from U.S.A. to Norway signifies the close of the entries concerning Chicago and Nubian topics. This one will concentrate to the people who are involved in Nubian Studies in Chicago. Obviously the headquarters of such studies are based at the … Continue reading

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Nubian Studies at the 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies

In the beginning of the previous entry, the return of Henriette to Bergen brought along the news discussed there. In the week that passed, Alexandros had remained in the European South, more precisely in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he attended the … Continue reading

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News from Bergen

It has been a couple of days since Henriette returned to Bergen. The main reasons for that was the honouring of her supervisor, Randi Haaland, with the title of professor emeritus at the University of Bergen. In a fine ceremony, words of praise … Continue reading

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Kharga Oasis and the Darb el-Arbain in Athens

The cultivation of the desert with water irrigated from underground aquifer systems aims at creating technically what naturally is called an oasis. Some of the largest (natural) oases of the Western Desert, hundreds of kilometers away from the Nile Valley, … Continue reading

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Nubian updates from Crete and Ethiopia

The week that just ended saw a very interesting conference on “Minoan Archaeology in the 21st century”, taking place in Heidelberg and hosted by the Institute of Classical Archaeology there. The main objective of this meeting was “to provide a common … Continue reading

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