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Sudan & Nubia 23

Once again with an interval of a year, I return to the presentation of the new Sudan & Nubia volume, No. 23, which arrived at my post-box last week. There are several reasons to decide writing this blog post these … Continue reading

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About Claude

It is rare to come across a reference to Sai Island in my everyday life in Bergen, unless this happens in the frame of my own research. Yesterday, however, one of these rare instances took place, where someone else brought … Continue reading

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A Newly “discovered” Funerary Stela from Sai Island!

It is the first time that I haven’t written in the blog for so long, but this return does not imply that I will resume frequent blogging. However, it is a statement that medievalsaiproject.wordpress.com is alive and that if an … Continue reading

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A couple of Nubiological goals for 2016

It is always a strange feeling writing the first words of something, be that a book, an article, the first blog entry of a new year. Obviously, the last category is the object here, and since a blog entry is not … Continue reading

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Some good reasons to return to blogging

We just came back from the third course of Greek language that the Organization for Greek-Norwegian cooperation in the field of culture and humanities is offering (for a very reasonable price) to all interested in Bergen. It has been a very … Continue reading

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An unexpected honor…

We tend to be quite alert to glean from the Internet things referring to Nubia and Sudan, Sai Island, our projects. But it seems that some things always escape our attention, even if the agents of the things we’d like … Continue reading

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Videos from Sai

The last entry created a sort of nostalgia for Sai Island. Images do better than words to describe such feelings while they also recomfort by offering the illusion of a direct contact with the object of the nostalgic sentiment. So, … Continue reading

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Online Sources and Resources

Upon returning to Bergen, it was not only loads of work that were waiting for me… Michael Zach, professor of Afrikanistik at the University of Vienna, had sent us the newly printed eleventh volume of Beirtäge zur Sudanforschung, where we … Continue reading

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Last night at Acropole, thinking of Sai Island…

Normally there are very few chances in trips like the one I am doing now when one can sit back and relax. More often than not, there is a constant moving through town for meetings and achievement of research tasks. … Continue reading

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Past days, past dams

Friday was a blessed day indeed: on the one hand the “opening” of the holy month of Ramadan and on the other the day that the Greek Orthodox Christianity venerates Prophet Elijah. The cult places of prophitis Ilias in Greece … Continue reading

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