Discoveries about Old Nubian in Bergen

I am now back in Bergen and active on two fronts at my university base: I am examining the students of the introductory course on ancient religions, and I am pursuing my duties as the coordinator of the moving of the archival collections on the Norwegian language from the University of Oslo to the University of Bergen.

For the latter project, my colleague Rune Kyrkjebø and myself have been organizing among other things the rich book collections that accompanied the archives. I had seen an interesting volume last time I was working on that task…

On the shelf

…and today I decided to pick up the book.

book cover

The author is George Campbell, a linguist with the amazing achievement of having been included in the Guiness book of records for his knowledge of at least 44 languages!

So, I eagerly opened the pages with languages beginning with “N” and indeed found there an entry about “Nubian” in both its modern and Old Nubian forms! Here are the copies of these pages:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Really fun to find such an interesting addition to what there is in Bergen about Old Nubian. And a fine introduction for the coming entries in the blog that will concern a couple of ideas on Old Nubian topics that I had while working the last semester on the language alone, or during my almost weekly meetings with Richard Holton Pierce.


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