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Wanderings about Nubian Frontiers in Warsaw

On the 18th of December I returned to Warsaw. Such a return concerns normally a Nubiological event, but it’s of course always a pleasure to see my friends there and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the town, highlighted specially the … Continue reading

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Nubian women – studies on their past, their lives now, and a drive for a better future

In the end of 2018, the editorial team of Dotawo proudly announced its fifth volume, this time on the topic: “Nubian women”. I have not written on it from here, because  its appearance coincided with a rather silent period for … Continue reading

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A Newly “discovered” Funerary Stela from Sai Island!

It is the first time that I haven’t written in the blog for so long, but this return does not imply that I will resume frequent blogging. However, it is a statement that medievalsaiproject.wordpress.com is alive and that if an … Continue reading

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Always some Old Nubian related-discovery expecting us in Berlin…

The last days of June found me in Germany. First, at Bad Homburg (next to Frankfurt am Main). Normally, people travel there for spa-treatments, but my visit aimed at adding my Nubia-focused contribution to the treatment of a very interesting … Continue reading

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Two comments on two wall inscriptions from the Faras Cathedral

I guess there is hardly any reader of this blog that is not acquainted with The Ancient World Online (AWOL) blog. If not, check out HERE. AWOL has an alphabetic list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies, which counted … Continue reading

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God in Old Nubian

For a long time, I have been wondering what is the origin of the term for “God”, “till(i)” used in Old Nubian. Interestingly, it is one of these cases that G.M. Browne did not propose an etymology in his Old … Continue reading

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Old Nubian in Bergen – part V (2017 sequel)

Three awesome weeks of work on Old Nubian have come to an end. The final activity was the presentation of the results of our work on the Serra-East codex, containing the pseudo-Chrysostomian homily In verabilem crucem sermo, in the frame of the annual … Continue reading

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Old Nubian in Bergen – part IV (2017 sequel)

The second week of the Bergen workshop on Old Nubian is now completed. We read through one third of the pseudo-Chrysostomian sermon In venerabilem crucem (CPG 4525; Aldama 494) and obtained fascinating insights into the history of the manuscript and of the homily’s Old … Continue reading

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Old Nubian in Bergen – part III (2017 sequel)

The first week of the Bergen Workshop on Old Nubian has been completed. Our goal was to go through the new grammar of Old Nubian that is under preparation by Vincent van Gerven Oei.   “A Possible Grammar of Old … Continue reading

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Old Nubian in Bergen – part II (2017 sequel)

When we were preparing for the Attiri Collaborative two years ago, I had the chance to present some discoveries related to things from Old Nubia in Bergen (see HERE and HERE). It would have been a pity not to have … Continue reading

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