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Yesterday I published an article about some of the “Treasures from Nubia and Sudan in Bergen” in the weekly column of the Manuscripts’ and Rare Books’ Collections hosted at the online journal of the University of Bergen “På Høyden“. The … Continue reading

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Discoveries about Old Nubian in Bergen

I am now back in Bergen and active on two fronts at my university base: I am examining the students of the introductory course on ancient religions, and I am pursuing my duties as the coordinator of the moving of … Continue reading

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Legal texts and legal practices in Christian Nubia – a particular religious ritual?

In the frame of my post-doctoral project, I am studying the material that has been found at several sites of Christian Nubia, namely Sur Island, Attiri Island, Serra East and Qasr el Wizz. Although the vast majority are religious texts, there … Continue reading

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Things from Old Nubia in Bergen – part I

On Wednesday starts in Bergen a workshop on Old Nubian, which is based on a collaboration aiming at the publication of the collection of manuscripts discovered in the 1960s at the island of Attiri in Lower Nubia, Sudan. About the … Continue reading

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Peace and forgiveness

Today’s entry will start again with a photo from the corner table at my office! This time a bit more populated, since on the left you see Richard Holton Pierce and on the right Inge Eliassen. Pierce is a professor emeritus at … Continue reading

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Over the deserts beyond the Middle Nile and until the Red Sea…

The geomorphological characteristics of Sudan have made it so that the deserts west and east from the Nile separate the Valley from Central and Western Africa and the Red Sea coast. The immediate result of this natural landscape is that … Continue reading

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