Last night at Acropole, thinking of Sai Island…

Normally there are very few chances in trips like the one I am doing now when one can sit back and relax. More often than not, there is a constant moving through town for meetings and achievement of research tasks.

There are those rare moments though, when a certain detail in the surroundings grasps the attention and calls for “documentation”. This is not always that easy to make in a city like Khartoum, but one may find the right words to use ;-)

Such a moment appeared today when I was walking along Jamhuriya Street in downtown Khartoum, returning to Acropole Hotel.

Suddenly, on the floor of an entrance of a building I realized that a new tiles’ installation was ornamented recently with the cross pattern that, as you may remember, has occupied us before, since it can be found on one of the capitals of the columns indicating the most plausible location of the cathedral church of medieval Sai.

It was afternoon, and, yes, this is the northern side of the road!

By tomorrow afternoon, though, I will be leaving Acropole, and then flying north, over Sai Island and on my way to Egypt…

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