18th of May

In the end of the entry yesterday, we were asking whether someone could identify a pattern in the decoration of Henriette’s bunad that was linking to Sai Island. The detail is the following:

And a close-up to the decorative pattern, namely the eight-leaved cross:

Henriette was thus rather surprised when she saw that this eight-leaved cross can be seen on the capitals from the so-called Cathedral of Medieval Sai, where we undertake our project:

The pattern is not at all easy to find in other Christian monuments of the Medieval era of either the Nubian world (we only know of one more example) or the rest of Eastern Christianity (we only know of parallels in Islamic decoration). But it is very common as mainly a pattern for … knitting in Norwaym as can be seen in the following photo from objects that we found in … our flat in Bergen!

And in other localities in Bergen too, one can see the same pattern, like on the floor decoration of one of the buildings belonging nowadays to the University of Bergen!

So, it was not such a surprise when we saw the pattern…

…in the tourist-gift shop right outside the venue of our exhibition in Rethymno!

But where can the origins of this pattern be found???

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6 Responses to 18th of May

  1. Farida Mahgoub says:

    You always make me so proud of my heritage, history, people…..Yes I am a Nubian

  2. Farida Mahgoub says:

    Sorry, this is me again Farida, Don’t you all think that this heritage should be preserved!!! Why don’t UNESCO declares and announces that is An International Heritage so as to stop building dams in Nubian land…..Where is The International Communty….why is not acting!?

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