Nubian Letters 22

Today our itinerary through the 22 volumes of the journal Nubian Letters is coming to an end. We wish to conclude by thanking once again Karel Innemée, one of the two editors of the journal, who gave us the permission to share online these pdf files. It is interesting to note that these days that Nubian Letters have occupied our Internet space, Karel paid a visit to Sudan after 30 years and shared with us this photo (by Andrzej Olszewski) from his visit at the Sudan National Museum…

karel @ snm

Just before taking a break to enjoy leisure time in still-summer-time Greece, we share with you the last pdf of the journal:

Nubian Letters 22

Thank you for following these three weeks of daily blogging!

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3 Responses to Nubian Letters 22

  1. Ustadh Ruban says:

    Thank you very much Alexandros for sharing your work on Nubian letters !
    Ustadh Ruban

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