News from Sudan archaeology

The last days have brought Sudan to the fore-scene of international news agencies with the demonstrations by the Sudanese people in Khartoum and other big cities, and the brutal repression by the government of Omar El Bashir.

Archaeological activities in the country have not stopped, though!

The members of the permanent section of French archaeology in Sudan (SFDAS) are always in the country and even made a call for a new director and offers a PhD scholarship. In their facebook page, they urge the candidates to go through the central webpage of the diplomatic corpse, because often their webpage is not working – a sign of times in Sudan? For the infos, see here:

At the same time, one good colleague from Hungary, Gabor Lassányi, made a reconnaissance field trip in Beja Land and shared with us some excellent photos in facebook.

Colleagues from Bergen have also been to Sudan lately in the frame of a conference commemorating the collaboration between the University of Bergen and the University of Khartoum, but more details will follow in the next post – insha Allah…

Finally, we received yesterday news of the update of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society webpage that we can now welcome in the wordpress world:!

The annual Kirwan Memorial Lecture by the way received an interesting commentary in Sudan Vision. An interesting lapsus found its way to the published form of this commentary: listing the surveys by F.D. Green, the author Khalid al Mubarak states: “At Sai, he found a cathedral (used in the 19thC as an Ottoman fortress).”

Well, Green was surely not the first one who “found” the cathedral (see HERE) and it was abandoned much before the 19th century for sure – at least the one we also believe that originally was in the Qalat Sai! For more comments, see HERE.

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