Nubian Letters 15

Sunday is for many a day for reading and rest. In the old days, one could take out a volume of an encyclopedia and read entries of interest, by chance or systematically. Difficult to know how many people are using printed encyclopedias nowadays, but I doubt that there are many who have not used wikipedia. But this is not the only online encyclopedic work and certainly not the best one when it comes to various details of several articles. The academic credentials of the contributors and the levels of reductional work make other online encyclopedias more trustworthy. Among those, for the Norwegian public, the most important is undoubtedly Det store norske leksikon. We are happy that we have been honored with the responsibility of the material relating to Sudan history and geography and promise insightful entries and fruitful discussions stemming thereof. There is already an entry on Nubia, Makuria, and the Nubian people and more will follow.

A mention just because we did not want to leave Nubian Letters 15 unaccompanied ;-)

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