Nubian Letters 9

Not far away from either Ghazali or the Fourth Cataract region is situated the most sacred ancient site of Sudan, Jebel Barkal. Its antiquities cover a large span of time, from the Bronze Age to the Islamic era. A person closely linked with the fate of its Pharaonic and Napatan monuments is Tim Kendall. He has published a series of reports in Nubian Letters and this inspires us to remember Alexandros’ links with the site, when he and Murtada Bushara achieved to open the old antiquarium to visitors. In the enthusiasm of those days, we even made the little Barkal museum the first Sudanese museum to reply positively to the invitation by the German administrators of the web page and uploaded infos and photos to bring the new museum into the Internet world too. The updates have not been regular, Tim Kendall set up a new webpage for Jebel Barkal, but the link is always out there:

And right here is the link to the ninth pdf from Nubian Letters:

Nubian Letters 9

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