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A Report from a Visit to Sai Island by Magdalena Wozniak

After several years of absence from fieldwork on Sai Island, an opportunity appeared in June to resume some sort of work in the form of a reconnaissance trip and the writing of a report on the conditions of the site, … Continue reading

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Good angels and bad angels…

Today the Greek Orthodox Church is celebrating the Angels and Archangels uniting the celestial and terrestrial realms according to (some sections of the) Christian faith. Angels can be both good and evil, like the news that the “angels” of ancient … Continue reading

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Packing up for Berlin…

The last days we had collected a couple of interesting links to share from here and the last addition to our list was a fine coincidence since it concerns two links from the webpage of the State Library in Berlin, where … Continue reading

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Doctoral dissertation based on material discovered on Sai Island

Today a colleague of ours from Vincent Francigny’s team excavating the Meroitic necropoleis of Sai Island, namely our friend Romain David, defended his doctoral dissertation at the University Paul Valéry – Montpellier 3. Vincent has already obtained his doctoral title … Continue reading

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It’s been quite some time since we last made an entry to our blog, but things have not been stagnant at all, neither at our base in Bergen nor back in Sudan. So, apart from the various festivities for the … Continue reading

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