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Fredrik Barth has passed away…

On Monday, we received the sad news that Fredrik Barth, professor emeritus at the University of Bergen, the University of Oslo and Boston University had died at the age of 87. Fredrik Barth was a world famous social anthropologist for decades, and … Continue reading

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Ceramic petrology lab and pottery beach art

As promised in the previous entry, we are continuing posting in our blog, since there is a couple of things that we would like to share before the year is over. The two stories of today’s post have to do … Continue reading

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A week full of Sudan Archaeology & Greek Archaeology in Bergen

When I woke up this morning, the light of the moon was coming in our living room. It was the first time that this was happening since my return from Johannesburg – but the days of clear skies will surely not last … Continue reading

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Two exhibitions in Bergen

This week is very exciting! While we have started the final countdown to the opening on Sunday of the exhibition “Descending North” by Yannis Skoulas… …a very nice surprise awaited us today at the University! Issraa El-Kogali, a Sudanese artist … Continue reading

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Nubian Letters 13

This was a very special day indeed… The Institute of Archaeology, History, Cultural and Religious Studies at the University of Bergen honored professor emeritus Sean O’ Fahey for his 42 (!) years of service at the University, the Department of … Continue reading

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Online Sources and Resources

Upon returning to Bergen, it was not only loads of work that were waiting for me… Michael Zach, professor of Afrikanistik at the University of Vienna, had sent us the newly printed eleventh volume of Beirtäge zur Sudanforschung, where we … Continue reading

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African Archaeology Research Days in Southampton

With the present entry, we continue the presentation of important academic venues that have taken place the last days and that are of interest to the Medieval Sai Project in a direct or indirect manner. This time, Alexandros and Henriette … Continue reading

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Sudan Studies in the Journal of Oriental and African Studies

This weekend we received two new books for reviewing in the Journal of Oriental and African Studies. We have contributed with a couple of book reviews to past volumes of this peer-reviewed periodical publication from Athens, Greece, and Henriette is … Continue reading

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Ritual perspectives on landscapes

The previous post was about the three lectures held at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Athens during the first weekend of December, where professor Timothy Insoll gave a very vivid presentation of Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa. Recently, a monumental handbook on archaeology edited by Insoll reached the bookshops. The aim … Continue reading

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Water politics and archaeology

In the Nile Valley, the exploitation of the water resources and the archaeological research go more often than not hand in hand. Inevitably, this observation carries along political implications in various degrees and fashions: –       The knowledge of the balance … Continue reading

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