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A trip to England, autumn 2015

It has been exactly a year since I last traveled with British Airways from Bergen to London. Then, I was heading for the Conference of Afro-Byzantine and Greco-African Studies at the University of Johannesburg. This time, it was a journey … Continue reading

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A new Dr. of Sudan Archaeology

On Friday, Henriette defended successfully her PhD thesis with the topic “War on the southern frontier of the emerging state of ancient Egypt: A warfare perspective on the history of the A-Group people in Lower Nubia during the 4th millennium … Continue reading

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News from England after the trip to England

We said in the previous post that we would be in England last weekend and that subjects related to Sudan would come out. After a first week of work at our base in Bergen, it is time to recollect these … Continue reading

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Sacrifices and Ancestors

The title of the present entry has a heroic aura, for quite often the ancestral past is crowned in the consciousness of the future generations with the glory of a sacrifice offered in order that the land or the nation … Continue reading

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Nubia in Manchester

Henriette’s research for her doctoral thesis brought us this week to England. The first stop in our itinerary has been Manchester where we had the honor of being hosted by Timothy Insoll and Rachel MacLean at their beautiful residence at … Continue reading

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Ritual perspectives on landscapes

The previous post was about the three lectures held at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Athens during the first weekend of December, where professor Timothy Insoll gave a very vivid presentation of Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa. Recently, a monumental handbook on archaeology edited by Insoll reached the bookshops. The aim … Continue reading

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An academic return to the Benaki Museum

After reviewing the 15th volume of Sudan & Nubia in the previous entry and while waiting a very interesting and important supplement to that review, the time has come to take the Medieval Sai Project back to Athens, to the … Continue reading

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Archaeology of Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

In the previous entry, we referred to the plural involvement of the University of Bergen in African Archaeology, and it was at the end of the previous week that a very important figure of the field, professor Tim Insoll, visited Bergen … Continue reading

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