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Back to blogging

“This is it”, I exclaimed, after reading a post in one of the blogs on Sudan that I follow. A blog by a European girl in Sudan writing this Monday a very nice note about the Greek Club. I quote … Continue reading

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Memories in space – an amazing flight over Batn el-Hajar

This month it is already five years since I had the opportunity to fly over the northernmost parts of the Nile Valley in Sudan with the Norwegian Bjarne Giske and his Ukranian pilots in a single propel biplane aircraft. We were flying … Continue reading

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Meetings in Khartoum

Khartoum is built on a unique locality in terms of global geography. It is the meeting point of two long rivers with different origins: the Blue Nile coming from the Ethiopian highlands and the White Nile bringing the waters of the … Continue reading

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Past days, past dams

Friday was a blessed day indeed: on the one hand the “opening” of the holy month of Ramadan and on the other the day that the Greek Orthodox Christianity venerates Prophet Elijah. The cult places of prophitis Ilias in Greece … Continue reading

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Sudan Dams Appeal

It comes as a surprise to us that we are posting again today in our blog. It was not planned. But the plans of others make us come back here for announcing that “the nightmare became reality”, as a dear … Continue reading

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Islam and Christianity in the Horn of Africa

The title of this blog entry is inspired by a book we recently read: “Islam and Christianity in the Horn of Africa” by Haggai Erlich. This book expanded the horizons of one of the case studies we dealt with in … Continue reading

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Past, present, and future discoveries

In the previous entry, we were referring to life on Sai in the dig house of the French Mission from the University of Lille. A particular importance of this house is that it hosts most of the archaeological material found … Continue reading

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