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Old Nubian in Bergen – part V (2017 sequel)

Three awesome weeks of work on Old Nubian have come to an end. The final activity was the presentation of the results of our work on the Serra-East codex, containing the pseudo-Chrysostomian homily In verabilem crucem sermo, in the frame of the annual … Continue reading

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Working with OINE from UiB!

The last weeks I have been working with the last draft of the first of the two volumes in the Oriental Institute of Chicago Nubian Expedition (OINE) monograph series that will host the publication of the archaeological record from the … Continue reading

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A trip to England, autumn 2015

It has been exactly a year since I last traveled with British Airways from Bergen to London. Then, I was heading for the Conference of Afro-Byzantine and Greco-African Studies at the University of Johannesburg. This time, it was a journey … Continue reading

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Nubian Texts in Berlin and in Chicago – reporting from Kastrup

When I arrived this morning at Kastrup, the International Airport of Copenhagen, there was a strange feeling of déjà vu almost constantly. I guess that I am not the only frequent flyer using the same air company who experiences this… … Continue reading

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Neuchâtel – day 3

As it has become traditional, in the second day of the International Conference for Nubian Studies – this year held at Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the academic base of Matthieu Honegger, the new director of the Swiss Archaeological Mission to the Sudan – the … Continue reading

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Ajjaji – a Nubian name for a Nubian king

This post is a collaboration between Alexandros Tsakos and Robin Seignobos that is hosted here because of the kindness of Robin and a coincidence with the case-studies that the two of us have been working upon. In detail: The work … Continue reading

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Manuscripts and Paleography

The last couple of entries presented various topics related to Nubian textual resources and their online presentations. Many aspects from these entries remain open, like for example the smoothness of transcriptions of Old Nubian in the existing fonts, the integration … Continue reading

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