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A Report from a Visit to Sai Island by Magdalena Wozniak

After several years of absence from fieldwork on Sai Island, an opportunity appeared in June to resume some sort of work in the form of a reconnaissance trip and the writing of a report on the conditions of the site, … Continue reading

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A Newly “discovered” Funerary Stela from Sai Island!

It is the first time that I haven’t written in the blog for so long, but this return does not imply that I will resume frequent blogging. However, it is a statement that medievalsaiproject.wordpress.com is alive and that if an … Continue reading

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A week in Cairo between two foreign institutes

Cairo is a city of almost 20 million inhabitants, the largest city in Africa. The size of the population creates a bursting with life urban environment, full of sounds (i.e. noise), smells, distractions and attractions. Among the latter, the monuments … Continue reading

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From the story of a manuscript to the manuscript of a historian

I am now sitting at the Charles de Gaulle airport of Paris, returning finally home after the visit to Johannesburg, the Coptic seminar in Athens, and the defense of the PhD thesis of Robin Seignobos in the French capital. It … Continue reading

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One goal achieved

In the first entry for 2016, we listed some goals that would be worth pursuing in the New Year. Among those, reading a couple of new publications was named. And indeed, one of them, perhaps the most awaited, has already … Continue reading

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Le parisien du decembre

Travelling to Paris this December was a very loaded experience. The town is still under the state of emergency caused by the attacks of the 13th of November. The conditions were extra-tense due to World Climate Summit. Although living downtown, … Continue reading

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Aurora in Paris

Last week, the participants from the Bergen side of the Aurora collaboration with the Institute of African Worlds of Paris-I met in a series of fruitful venues at the French capital. These meetings were meant to be the last ones in … Continue reading

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Neuchâtel – day 5

As I write these lines, friends and colleagues are enjoying their last evening in the frame of the 13th International Conference for Nubian Studies, on a boat on Lake Neuchâtel. Traveling to a conference with small children has the disadvantage … Continue reading

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Ajjaji – a Nubian name for a Nubian king

This post is a collaboration between Alexandros Tsakos and Robin Seignobos that is hosted here because of the kindness of Robin and a coincidence with the case-studies that the two of us have been working upon. In detail: The work … Continue reading

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Aurora for Nubian Studies at UiB

During the last week, the third visit to Bergen from members of the University of Paris I/Sorbonne took place in the frame of the mobility programme Aurora and under the title “The African Archive: its content, context, and connections”. While the areas … Continue reading

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