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Wanderings about Nubian Frontiers in Warsaw

On the 18th of December I returned to Warsaw. Such a return concerns normally a Nubiological event, but it’s of course always a pleasure to see my friends there and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the town, highlighted specially the … Continue reading

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It is just the second time that I write something about a fiction book in this blog. There are, however, a couple of excuses for returning after four years to such an activity – if there is indeed need of … Continue reading

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Learning Reading and Writing in (Early) Christian Nubia

Searching for the traces of a learning process in the past is not an easy task. For Greco-Roman Egypt (from Ptolemaic to Byzantine times), Raffaella Cribiore‘s book “Writing, Teachers, and Students in Graeco-Roman Egypt” is the most informative contribution. For the … Continue reading

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At the capital of medieval Nubian studies

This entry is about two books, both of which are related to my trip last weekend to Warsaw. I spent three days in the Polish capital, visiting just two places: The residence of Artur Obluski, where together with Dobrochna Zielinska and Katarzyna Danys-Lasek, we had the … Continue reading

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When Wizz Was in Warsaw

I am writing this post from my room at Fleischer’s Hotel at Voss, the famous sport resort north of Bergen. I am here for the annual seminar of the institute of Archaeology, History, Cultural and Religious Studies at the University of Bergen. … Continue reading

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Neuchâtel – day 3

As it has become traditional, in the second day of the International Conference for Nubian Studies – this year held at Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the academic base of Matthieu Honegger, the new director of the Swiss Archaeological Mission to the Sudan – the … Continue reading

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Tagging @ NubianMonasteries.pl

As promised, we return to the dialogue with Artur Obluski’s newly launched webpage http://www.nubianmonasteries.pl The structure of the the webpage will occupy us today. Artur introduces the visitor to his page by offering him or her four main choices for … Continue reading

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A new Nubiological webpage

Just today we received the great news that our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Artur Obluski from Warsaw, affiliated with the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, launched a long-awaited web page titled http://www.nubianmonasteries.pl/ The importance of the exploit in … Continue reading

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Presentations and New Results in Nubian Studies

Last weekend, the first public presentation of the new discoveries made through the study of the textual finds unearthed at the monastery of Qasr el Wizz in Lower Nubia took place in the frame of the 7th Annual Meeting of … Continue reading

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Nubian Studies in the 7th Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Egyptological Society

The return from Sudan to Bergen did not only demand the adaptation to snow and cold, but also included preparations for both Henriette’s and Alexandos’ contribution to the 7th Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Egyptological Society (NES) that took place today … Continue reading

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