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Old Nubian in Bergen – part III (2017 sequel)

The first week of the Bergen Workshop on Old Nubian has been completed. Our goal was to go through the new grammar of Old Nubian that is under preparation by Vincent van Gerven Oei.   “A Possible Grammar of Old … Continue reading

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Old Nubian in Bergen – part I (2017 sequel)

It’s been two years since the previous sequel of posts on Old Nubian in advance of a seminar in Bergen, which back in June 2015 brought together the Attiri Collaborative. Since then, the publication of The Old Nubian Texts from … Continue reading

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Fascinating days…

As one can imagine, the absence from the blog the last two weeks meant everything else but laziness and empty times… I could easily dedicate not just an entry but an entire book to the experience of becoming a father … Continue reading

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