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At the International Medieval Congress 2016 at Leeds

We have just returned to Norway from England where we participated in the 23rd International Medieval Congress at Leeds. According to wikipedia, the Congress is the largest annual conference in any subject in the UK, and the second largest annual … Continue reading

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Travelling with Henriette in Western Norway

The title of the present entry is inspired by the Greek TV travel series “Travelling with Magia Tsokli”, which toured all sorts of destinations around the world, where the crew of two, Magia Tsokli and Ηronis Pehlivanidis, were guided by a … Continue reading

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A new Dr. of Sudan Archaeology

On Friday, Henriette defended successfully her PhD thesis with the topic “War on the southern frontier of the emerging state of ancient Egypt: A warfare perspective on the history of the A-Group people in Lower Nubia during the 4th millennium … Continue reading

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Our blog before and after a trip to Vienna

This morning, I returned to my work at the University of Bergen after an adventurous trip to Vienna. The adventure was caused by the strike of the pilots of Norwegian Airlines that has brought trouble to hundreds of thousands of people … Continue reading

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A week full of Sudan Archaeology & Greek Archaeology in Bergen

When I woke up this morning, the light of the moon was coming in our living room. It was the first time that this was happening since my return from Johannesburg – but the days of clear skies will surely not last … Continue reading

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Neuchatel – day 2

At 09:00 this morning, Matthieu Honegger opened officially the 13th International Conference for Nubian Studies in front of an almost full auditorium. During the official ceremonies for the opening, representatives of the University and of the Sudanese state welcomed the … Continue reading

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Online Sources and Resources

Upon returning to Bergen, it was not only loads of work that were waiting for me… Michael Zach, professor of Afrikanistik at the University of Vienna, had sent us the newly printed eleventh volume of Beirtäge zur Sudanforschung, where we … Continue reading

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Nubian Studies in the 7th Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Egyptological Society

The return from Sudan to Bergen did not only demand the adaptation to snow and cold, but also included preparations for both Henriette’s and Alexandos’ contribution to the 7th Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Egyptological Society (NES) that took place today … Continue reading

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6th of May

Is it the time for Greece to make a big leap in politics… …and perhaps advance in a pace similar to the Norwegian social model? Well, as you can see, we tried both on Sai! And we are glad that … Continue reading

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Nubia in NAR

It is the second time that a request for help by a specific colleague leads us to the composition of an entry for the Medieval Sai Project Internet Space. This colleague is none other than the UNESCO expert for Nubian matters, … Continue reading

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