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Two comments on two wall inscriptions from the Faras Cathedral

I guess there is hardly any reader of this blog that is not acquainted with The Ancient World Online (AWOL) blog. If not, check out HERE. AWOL has an alphabetic list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies, which counted … Continue reading

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The Third Makuria Day

On Friday the 15th of December 2017 there took place at the University of Warsaw, the “Third Makuria Day” organized by professor Włodzimierz Godlewski and the Polish Center for Mediterranean Archaeology. The previous events took place in the frame of … Continue reading

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One goal achieved

In the first entry for 2016, we listed some goals that would be worth pursuing in the New Year. Among those, reading a couple of new publications was named. And indeed, one of them, perhaps the most awaited, has already … Continue reading

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It happened in Poland…

The last weeks three news came to us from Poland. Three news that in their own particular way each, and in different degrees, mark a significant change in the study of the Christian cultures of the Middle and Lower Nile Valleys, … Continue reading

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Fascinating days…

As one can imagine, the absence from the blog the last two weeks meant everything else but laziness and empty times… I could easily dedicate not just an entry but an entire book to the experience of becoming a father … Continue reading

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Easter … again!

Today, the Orthodox Church is celebrating Easter Sunday. We will not attempt to explain the difference between the Catholic date of Easter and the Orthodox one. We wish only to commemorate this day by referring to two textual references that we … Continue reading

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Medieval Nubia online

We are starting the new month with a very important guest entry prepared by Grzegorz Ochała from the University of Warsaw and Giovanni Ruffini from Fairfield University. These two gentlemen have in our opinion changed the face of studies on Nubian textual … Continue reading

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