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A Newly “discovered” Funerary Stela from Sai Island!

It is the first time that I haven’t written in the blog for so long, but this return does not imply that I will resume frequent blogging. However, it is a statement that medievalsaiproject.wordpress.com is alive and that if an … Continue reading

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Learning Reading and Writing in (Early) Christian Nubia

Searching for the traces of a learning process in the past is not an easy task. For Greco-Roman Egypt (from Ptolemaic to Byzantine times), Raffaella Cribiore‘s book “Writing, Teachers, and Students in Graeco-Roman Egypt” is the most informative contribution. For the … Continue reading

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In support of the Greek language – in Sudan too!

The last weeks heated discussions are taking place in the universities of Norway due to the new “quality standards” set by the Ministry of Knowledge (literal translation of Kunnskapsdepartementet in Norwegian). One of the criteria set forward is a minimum … Continue reading

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An academic return to the Benaki Museum

After reviewing the 15th volume of Sudan & Nubia in the previous entry and while waiting a very interesting and important supplement to that review, the time has come to take the Medieval Sai Project back to Athens, to the … Continue reading

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Archaeology of Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

In the previous entry, we referred to the plural involvement of the University of Bergen in African Archaeology, and it was at the end of the previous week that a very important figure of the field, professor Tim Insoll, visited Bergen … Continue reading

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