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We left Bergen – the gateway to the fjords and islands of western Norway to fly south.

Although it is mid-May, the mountain tops of Norway are still snow covered, but the valleys and gorges are snow-free and green – showing the rugged nature of the land.

We were lucky to glimpse through the cloud cover the northernmost point of continental Europe – the penninsula of Skagen in Denmark.

From our airplane’s altitude (more than 11000 meters!) , Central Europe seemed like a patchwork of fields and small towns. And isn’t it so indeed?

Then suddenly, the land under us got familiar shapes: We saw the bays of the coastline of Attika, where our Greek home is. The southeastern corner of Attika at Cape Suniou and the long island of Makronisos greeted us as we entered the Aegean.

Soon afterwards we were seeing the coast and mountains of our destination – Crete…

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