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Sudan & Nubia 21

After a year of absence, it is time to return to the presentation of one of the most awaited venues for Sudan archaeology and Nubian studies: the annual volume of Sudan & Nubia. This year’s cover photo shows the fort … Continue reading

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I felt I had to return once more to the blog before 2016 is out. The reason lies with two publications that I recently found out about and which are worth a special mention: The first is the latest issue … Continue reading

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Fredrik Barth has passed away…

On Monday, we received the sad news that Fredrik Barth, professor emeritus at the University of Bergen, the University of Oslo and Boston University had died at the age of 87. Fredrik Barth was a world famous social anthropologist for decades, and … Continue reading

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Peace and forgiveness

Today’s entry will start again with a photo from the corner table at my office! This time a bit more populated, since on the left you see Richard Holton Pierce and on the right Inge Eliassen. Pierce is a professor emeritus at … Continue reading

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Sudan & Nubia

It is always a great pleasure receiving a new publication about Nubia and Sudan. The homonymous peer-review journal Sudan & Nubia is by definition a pleasant surprise when it arrives in our mailbox once a year. In fact, this year … Continue reading

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