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Wanderings about Nubian Frontiers in Warsaw

On the 18th of December I returned to Warsaw. Such a return concerns normally a Nubiological event, but it’s of course always a pleasure to see my friends there and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the town, highlighted specially the … Continue reading

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Telling stories

There have appeared many reasons in the past weeks to return to blogging. I could have announced new publications, like the latest paper that Henriette and myself published on the medieval Sai cathedral in the Festschrift for professor Godlewski, or … Continue reading

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Learning Reading and Writing in (Early) Christian Nubia

Searching for the traces of a learning process in the past is not an easy task. For Greco-Roman Egypt (from Ptolemaic to Byzantine times), Raffaella Cribiore‘s book “Writing, Teachers, and Students in Graeco-Roman Egypt” is the most informative contribution. For the … Continue reading

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the corner table

Today I am posting a photo from my office at the Institute of Archaeology, History, Cultural and Religious Studies (AHKR) at the University of Bergen. It shows the corner where two chairs and a small table are placed so as … Continue reading

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Texts online

The present entry is inspired by two posts in the blog by Alin Suciu, which raise different issues in regards with the transmission of texts and manuscripts through the Internet. The first entry was posted on October the 4th. Suciu … Continue reading

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Scripts and Fonts

Inspired from discussions that followed the previous entry, we wished today to examine a complementary matter, which is none other than the fonts that exist or need to be developed in order to both write, read, and exchange files of … Continue reading

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Archaeology of Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

In the previous entry, we referred to the plural involvement of the University of Bergen in African Archaeology, and it was at the end of the previous week that a very important figure of the field, professor Tim Insoll, visited Bergen … Continue reading

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