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An unnoticed (?) change in a seat of authority in Khartoum

This time it was through facebook that news came to us… It was through this medium that we heard from our friends in Khartoum that the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Sudan has quitted from his post… The … Continue reading

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Paraleipomena from Warsaw – with the eyes turned to Egypt…

This is the second entry that is inspired from things relating to the 27th Congress of papyrology held at the University of Warsaw between the 29th of July and the 2nd of August. As the title says, today I will complete … Continue reading

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Early descriptions of the so-called Cathedral of Sai

Since the early 1800s, Sai Island and its antiquities have been attractive to European explorers. The first to successfully cross over to Sai and to describe the antiquities there was Frédéric Cailliaud, as we wrote in the newly published report … Continue reading

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Christmas after the New Year’s Day?

The 7th of January is Christmas day according to the Julian calendar (for a short explanation and a comment we made two years ago, see HERE). The countries that follow this religious calendar are Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, … Continue reading

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Past days, past dams

Friday was a blessed day indeed: on the one hand the “opening” of the holy month of Ramadan and on the other the day that the Greek Orthodox Christianity venerates Prophet Elijah. The cult places of prophitis Ilias in Greece … Continue reading

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Sacrifices and Ancestors

The title of the present entry has a heroic aura, for quite often the ancestral past is crowned in the consciousness of the future generations with the glory of a sacrifice offered in order that the land or the nation … Continue reading

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Nubia and the West

From a Conference taking place these days, we pass to some comments about an all-day Symposium held at the Royal Ontario Museum on September 25. The opportunity was given by a post from yesterday at LiveScience. But let’s take things with the … Continue reading

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