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Always some Old Nubian related-discovery expecting us in Berlin…

The last days of June found me in Germany. First, at Bad Homburg (next to Frankfurt am Main). Normally, people travel there for spa-treatments, but my visit aimed at adding my Nubia-focused contribution to the treatment of a very interesting … Continue reading

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Nubia as companion to Byzantium in Wiley-Blackwell’s Companion to Byzantium

In the last years, the major publishing houses have begun an interesting competition in producing handbooks about all topics possible (see for example HERE for Oxford’s on Byzantine Studies). Recently, I came across one of these impressive volumes in the library … Continue reading

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Servants and slaves in Christian Africa of the past

Admitted: the title of this entry is much wider than the actual scope of its content. It would be impossible to speak about any phenomenon concerning the Christian African past in general. But an online presentation of some fascinating new … Continue reading

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Nubian Studies in Germany

The last week has seen various Nubiological activities deriving from German milieus: The Sudan Archäologische Gesellschaft (SAG) had its annual elections and the famous Sudan Day, this year dedicated to two topics: Professionals and amateurs of Sudan archaeology in Germany … Continue reading

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