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At the International Medieval Congress 2016 at Leeds

We have just returned to Norway from England where we participated in the 23rd International Medieval Congress at Leeds. According to wikipedia, the Congress is the largest annual conference in any subject in the UK, and the second largest annual … Continue reading

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After a presentation in Bergen (Part I)

Every first Wednesday of the month, the academic staff of the discipline of the Study of Religions at the Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion meet in order to hear either a guest or an employee of the University presenting … Continue reading

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Our blog before and after a trip to Vienna

This morning, I returned to my work at the University of Bergen after an adventurous trip to Vienna. The adventure was caused by the strike of the pilots of Norwegian Airlines that has brought trouble to hundreds of thousands of people … Continue reading

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Ajjaji – a Nubian name for a Nubian king

This post is a collaboration between Alexandros Tsakos and Robin Seignobos that is hosted here because of the kindness of Robin and a coincidence with the case-studies that the two of us have been working upon. In detail: The work … Continue reading

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Nubiological memories from 40 days in Greece

After six weeks in Greece, we are now back to our base in Bergen and before returning to topics that are either pending from earlier entries in the blog (e.g. comments on Obluski’s webpage) or have been drafted and await … Continue reading

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Cooperation between Sudan and the University of Bergen

Concluding the previous entry, we introduced the idea of the renewal of the cooperation between Sudan and Bergen in the frame of archival practices and related works. There are three levels of commentary to this idea: 1. The signing of … Continue reading

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Online Sources and Resources

Upon returning to Bergen, it was not only loads of work that were waiting for me… Michael Zach, professor of Afrikanistik at the University of Vienna, had sent us the newly printed eleventh volume of Beirtäge zur Sudanforschung, where we … Continue reading

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