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Fredrik Barth has passed away…

On Monday, we received the sad news that Fredrik Barth, professor emeritus at the University of Bergen, the University of Oslo and Boston University had died at the age of 87. Fredrik Barth was a world famous social anthropologist for decades, and … Continue reading

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A weekend of archaeopolitcs in Bergen

On 21 November, we organized the round-table seminar Cultural heritage in conflicts and politics – Ethical dilemmas for archaeologists at the University of Bergen (Norway). The seminar was a response to how the cultural heritage in the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle … Continue reading

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Sudan Week in Bergen, Day 2: Cultural heritage: The politics of remembering, redefining, and forgetting the meaning of past cultural products

While yesterday’s event concerned social anthropology, today’s seminar was about archaeology. Both disciplines have long tradition for cooperation between researchers from Sudan and from the University of Bergen. The ambitious topic of the seminar was The politics of remembering, redefining and … Continue reading

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Ceramic petrology lab and pottery beach art

As promised in the previous entry, we are continuing posting in our blog, since there is a couple of things that we would like to share before the year is over. The two stories of today’s post have to do … Continue reading

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Eva, Ambrosia, and children’s art

During Yannis stay in Bergen, his accommodation was provided by Hordamuseet in the small house that belonged to the first female sculptor in Norway, Ambrosia Tønnesen. In 1995, her house, called Runeplassen, was moved from Minde where it was standing … Continue reading

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Yannis Skoulas has “descended north”

Today, the Greek photographer Yannis Skoulas finally arrived in Bergen after being delayed for a day on his journey from Athens. He is now staying in the picturesque Ambrosia house, the home of Ambrosia Theodora Tønnesen (1859-1948) – the first professional … Continue reading

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Early descriptions of the so-called Cathedral of Sai

Since the early 1800s, Sai Island and its antiquities have been attractive to European explorers. The first to successfully cross over to Sai and to describe the antiquities there was Frédéric Cailliaud, as we wrote in the newly published report … Continue reading

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Memories in space – an amazing flight over Batn el-Hajar

This month it is already five years since I had the opportunity to fly over the northernmost parts of the Nile Valley in Sudan with the Norwegian Bjarne Giske and his Ukranian pilots in a single propel biplane aircraft. We were flying … Continue reading

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Nubia before the New Kingdom

It is time to describe in more detail the main reason for travelling to Leicester at the beginning of September, namely the conference Nubia before the New Kingdom: Current research into the pre- and early history of northern Sudan organized by Ruth … Continue reading

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Wavy patterns from pottery to house walls

We like coincidences, and we have noticed a special connection between patterns on pottery and house walls across time and space between Crete and Sudan. Take this photo of a large storage jar from Phaistos; and compare the decorative pattern … Continue reading

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