Eid chez Claude in support of the people in the streets of Khartoum

On Saturday the 8th of June, Bergen celebrated Eid at the exhibition of Claude Iverné at Bergenkjøtt. The event was planned when the political situation in Sudan was much calmer…

…but as things have developed, inevitably our gathering became also a commemoration of the massacre of the Khartoum demonstrators. And it felt as if the set up of Claude’s images at Bergenkjøtt were expecting to become the framework for this expression of condolences, respect, sadness, anger, determination, revolutionary spirit.

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During the event, a video interview with professor Intissar Soghayroun el-Zein from the University of Khartoum broke the news of the mindless, brutal, barbaric, inhuman attack against the infrastructures of the University of Khartoum that showed afterwards signs of devastation.  The news have not appeared very much in international media, but since a week now an initiative by the University of Khartoum lecturers is asking for an investigation into the case and “to bring the perpetrators to fair trial“.

Under these circumstances, the present post cannot praise the – otherwise praiseworthy – exhibition; nor the event with such gracious and hospitable Sudan-colours organised with the usual for her effectiveness and devotion to the cause, Dr. Howaida Faisal. My post aims only at crying out at the universities in Norway, Europe, anywhere and everywhere: Isn’t this a cause good enough to raise our voices and make an appeal for justice against the violence that suppressed the most vibrant and open-minded portion of the Sudanese society??

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1 Response to Eid chez Claude in support of the people in the streets of Khartoum

  1. Selma Al-Rasheed says:

    Listening to Nubian music this morning, feeling homesick, brought me to this site. Thank you for speaking up for us in this corner. Thank you for being scholars.

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