Nubian monasticism and not only

I am traveling south to warmer climates for a week. The goal is to participate in a unique event in Cairo organized by the Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology and the Department of Papyrology of the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw on “Monasticism in the Nile Valley”.

The program guarantees two very exiting days and I hope I will have much to report right after.

For those who cannot be in Cairo, but are perhaps in Rome, there is another Nubiological venue taking place there on the 19th of October, the Fifth Day of Nubian Studies, organized by the International Association of Mediterranean and Oriental Studies (ISMEO). Here is the program translated from ISMEO’s webpage:

11.00: H.E. Amira Daoud Hassan Gornass, Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan in Italy
Salutations and introduction

11.15: Eugenio Fantusati
The base of the solar bark of Abu Erteila

11.45: Fawzi Hassan Bakhiet
Burial Customs in the Blue Nile region

12.15: Light Break

12.45: Marco Baldi
Material and techniques of construction in the heart of the Meroitic kingdom

13.15: Andrea Manzo
Between the Nile and the Red Sea. Eastern Sudan and the Nubian Desert in the 3rd and 2nd millennia BCE

13.45: Adriano V. Rossi, President of ISMEO
Conclusions and presentation of the volume of the proceedings

A nice video-report from the Quarta Giornata di Studi Nubiani can be seen here:


Last but not least, on the 21st of October, there will take place in London, in the Royal Geographic Society, a Memorial Day for Abdel Halim Sabbar, who had devoted much of his life to teaching the Nubian language and restoring it to its full potential (see the whole tribute by professor Herman Bell HERE).

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2 Responses to Nubian monasticism and not only

  1. ounoginiri says:

    Very interesting!!!!!!!/

  2. ergamenis says:

    The ISNS informed us that the Proceedings of the Fifth Day for Nubian Studies are already published and available to purchase! Just follow the link:

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