Old Nubian in Bergen – part IV (2017 sequel)

The second week of the Bergen workshop on Old Nubian is now completed. We read through one third of the pseudo-Chrysostomian sermon In venerabilem crucem (CPG 4525; Aldama 494) and obtained fascinating insights into the history of the manuscript and of the homily’s Old Nubian version, as well as of the Old Nubian language more generally. But allow me not to share these results from here. On Wednesday, Vincent and myself will be presenting our work so far on this text in the frame of the annual conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions and in a panel titled “Caught in Translation: Versions of Late Antique Christian Literature” organized by Dan Batovici and Madalina Toca. Until then, those who are impatient can always see the Old Nubian tweets of #ontrakagoueke!

But for the readers of this blog, and as a gift in celebration of these two fantastic weeks, I offer HERE a pdf copy of a sort of Nobiin alphabetarion compiled by the Nubian Club of Khartoum some ten to fifteen years ago (I obtained it during the last years of the period I was living in Khartoum, i.e. between 2003 and 2008). Hope it keeps you busy until the end of next week!

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