Old Nubian in Bergen – part II (2017 sequel)

When we were preparing for the Attiri Collaborative two years ago, I had the chance to present some discoveries related to things from Old Nubia in Bergen (see HERE and HERE). It would have been a pity not to have things to present this year too, while preparing for the workshop with Vincent van Gerven Oei (see HERE)

Especially, since the last year I have been working for the moving of the archive on the Norwegian language from Oslo to Bergen and I came across some interesting Discoveries about Old Nubian in the collection. So, the present discovery comes also from the treasures from this archive, namely from one offprint found among the material of the late professor Oddvar Nes: an article on the Nubian language by Karl Lang published in April 1926 in the second issue of the journal Folia Ethno-Glossica.

folia first page

You can download a pdf of the entire issue HERE. The copy was given to me by Henriette, who received the collection of offprints belonging to Oddvar Nes as part of the collaboration between the University Library in Bergen and the Library of the University College of Volda, which she directs.

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