Old Nubian in Bergen – part I (2017 sequel)

It’s been two years since the previous sequel of posts on Old Nubian in advance of a seminar in Bergen, which back in June 2015 brought together the Attiri Collaborative.

Since then, the publication of The Old Nubian Texts from Attiri has appeared at punctum books.

Now the collaborative is ready for its next activity: we are meeting in Rome next year to study the rich collection of graffiti from the church at Sonqi Tino.

Western Chapel of Sonqi Tino Church exhibited at the Sudan National Museum

Already this year though, another major event for studies of Old Nubian is taking place in Norway: Vincent van Gerven Oei is coming to Bergen for a crash-course in Old Nubian between the 5th and the 8th and the 13th to 15th of September!

The purpose of the workshop is manifold:

  1. It will expand the circle of those interested in the language, and already three persons from Bergen and two from European institutions have confirmed their participation.
  2. It will allow Vincent to test the teaching effectiveness of his proposal for a new grammar of Old Nubian, a year and a half after A seminar on Literary Old Nubian in Khartoum, and again in front of Nubians, since three scholars and one student from both Sudan and Egypt have expressed their interest in participating in the Bergen workshop.
  3. It will be for both Vincent and Alexandros a good final rehearsal before the presentation titled “Translating Greek to Old Nubian” in the frame of the panel “Caught in Translation – Versions of Late-Antique Christian Literature” organized by Dan Batovici and Madalina Toca during the European Association for the Study of Religion’s Annual Conference in Leuven between 18 and 21 September.

There is still time to send in your application! More details HERE!

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