I felt I had to return once more to the blog before 2016 is out. The reason lies with two publications that I recently found out about and which are worth a special mention:

The first is the latest issue of the online journal Afriques: http://afriques.revues.org. It is devoted to various aspects of pragmatic literacy in Africa and contains among other interesting contributions, one by G. Ruffini on Nubian documents (http://afriques.revues.org/1871) and another by G. Michael La Rue on land charters from Darfur (http://afriques.revues.org/1896).

It is the latter that links nicely with the second publication that I heard about, namely Sean O’Fahey’s latest book on Darfur, which has been announced by Hurst Publishers: http://www.hurstpublishers.com/book/darfur-and-the-british/


These two publications give me the opportunity to remember a very nice event organized by Henriette and Moneim (from Darfur) at the Library of the University College of Volda to commemorate 100 years since Darfur lost its independence.

And thus, as a very bloody and unjust year is coming to an end, I get the opportunity to wish for peace and prosperity to our world, with special thoughts for the tormented regions of Sudan, north, west, east, south or central…

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