Last day at work…

…at least at the university – the next step in my professional activities is the IMC 2016 at Leeds.

I had a very nice morning with Rune, smoothly putting at their new place all the archivalia of #språksamlingane that came from Oslo to Bergen this morning with the 12th (!) lorry since we began the whole process two months ago! And after the movers left, we decided to test how effective we can be with arranging a set of books, in preparation for planning the work we’ll have to do in autumn: It will take us one hour to put in place and arrange alphabetically ca. 10 boxes with books. Here is a photo of today’s outcome.


On the far end, you see a smal group of large size publications and among those, look what Rune showed me:


Surely he remembered that I had checked the compendium by Campbell and got excited with discovering a section on Old Nubian. Would this new discovery among the Routledge publications also hide something of interest?

I opened the language index and Nubian was of course there: page 272

Nubian family tree

Mainly a description of the family tree of Nubian, with Old-Nubian between Proto-Nubian and Nobiin. Interesting! No mention of the place of the other dialects of the Nile Nubian, nor of their relation with Old Nubian. Can that mean that with a slip of the tongue – pun intended – the author of the chapter allowed space for a different branch of the tree bringing us from Proto-Nubian to alternative modern-day Nile Nubian through an alternative form of “Old Nubian”, different than what Bechhaus-Gerst has called Old Nobiin?

Most probably this was more in my mind than the author’s. Who is the author by the way?


David Appleyard, an expert on Ethiopic languages and linguistics, born in … Leeds!! Coincidences, coincidences…

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