A death and a memorial

The previous entry listed Nubiological and Sudanological events of the month of May. We left out a new series of memorial lectures to commemorate the life of Kazimierz Michałowski that our friend and colleague Artur Obluski will inaugurate in the Research Centre of Cairo of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities . The first lecture will take place on Tuesday the 10th of May and will be delivered by professor Gawlikowski on “Palmyra: the ruins and the memory“, a burning topic these days. Surely in the future Nubiological events will also be hosted in one or another of the lectures that will be taking place twice a year.

Commemorating the important figures of our respective fields of study and their contributions to knowledge is a sine qua non for the progress of our disciplines. We could therefore not let pass unnoticed the sad news of the death of Karl Butzer who worked on four continents, but completed his dissertation fieldwork in Nubia. One of his works remains high in the list of most cited academic products on the Middle Nile region: Desert and River in Nubia. The importance of his work becomes even more significant these years that the Director General of N.C.A.M., Dr. Abdelrahman Ali, is himself a geo-archaeologist.

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  1. ergamenis says:

    An interview with professor Karl Butzer can be seen here:

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