Travelling with Henriette in Western Norway

The title of the present entry is inspired by the Greek TV travel series “Travelling with Magia Tsokli”, which toured all sorts of destinations around the world, where the crew of two, Magia Tsokli and Ηronis Pehlivanidis, were guided by a member of the Greek diaspora to the highlights of the country selected for the episode. In fact, Alexandros collaborated with Magia and Hronis in 2005, and travelled with them along the Sudanese Nile from Khartoum to Wadi Halfa, a trip that was played in two episodes, which can be found at YouTube.

Now, the similarity between this TV show and the trip from Volda to Bergen and back between Wednesday and Sunday alludes mostly to a joke that Alexandros made during the trip in Sudan in 2005:

“Travelling” is a verbal form that naturally involves a subject. In the title of your series, you are not the subject, Maya! Chronis is implied as the subject of travelling, but remains hidden behind the camera that brings your image and voice to your spectators.

Magia and Hronis seemed to like the joke, so we repeat it here with reference to the great weekend spent in Bergen, where Henriette was most rightfully the focus of attention, while the role of Alexandros was not that much as a photographer, but rather as a driver bringing the family safely from Volda to Bergen and back in quite challenging conditions (commemorated in the photos made by Henriette):

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But a challenge worth taking so as to finish the preparations for the selling of our previous home in Fyllingsdalen…


…participate in the Promosjonsfest of Henriette, who is now officially Dr. Hafsaas-Tsakos

…and provide the appropriate context for her to prepare her contribution to the Egyptological day organized by the Norwegian Egyptological Society in the University Museum of Bergen, with a paper titled “War and warriors as a factor for state formation in ancient Egypt”.

Henriette @ Egyptdagen 2016

Henriette’s paper followed the one by Pål Steiner titled “Beer and wine in ancient Egypt”.

Steiner @ Egyptdagen 2016

And it was followed by Jane Skjoldi‘s presentation with the title “What does the Pope want with an old Egyptian obelisk?”.

Skjoldi @ Egyptdagen 2016

As you can see from the photos (taken by Henriette and Jane), there were many people attending and we sincerely hope that this is a sign of the constant interest among Norwegians for the civilizations of the Nile. May it also materialize in funds for university teaching and academic research, fieldwork and exhibitions!

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