An event in Khartoum and an event in Athens

This was our second morning at our home in Attica, Greece, where we came in advance of our Christmas holidays, due to the invitation by the Hellenic Society for the Study of Ancient Egypt for a presentation tomorrow in the frame of their Egyptological seminar.


Bringing to a public in Greece highlights from our Nubiological research is both an honor and a challenge, and both are highly welcome! So, thank you for the invitation Vassilis Chryssikopoulos!

Waking up at our home, we are welcome in the kitchen by a small collection of objects from Sudan.

sudan collection

Two of them are gypsum copies of two of the three funerary stelae from Nubia that were the first I ever studied and published. The one on the right was found at Goshabi and another one not seen here at el Usheir. They were included in the publication of “Terracotta Funerary Stelae from Christian Nubia” from the Nubiological conference of Warsaw in 2006.

Ganetti & Goshabi

The copy of the stela on the left, however, remains unpublished. The reason is that all three stelae were given to me for study and publication by the late director of Fieldwork at NCAM, Salah Omer al-Saddig, with the hope that they can attract further Greek interest in the history and archaeology of the Middle Nile region. When it was identified as a Coptic text, I decided not to publish it with the other two, but to preserve it for another venue. In any case, all three were chance finds recovered from public works and therefore ended up in Salah Omer al-Saddig’s office. By now, this Coptic inscription from Suarda is kept at the Sudan National Museum, with registration number SNM 31101, and was of course listed in my article “Addenda and Corrigenda to the Khartoum Inscriptions“, JJP XXXIX (2009), pp. 199-215 (for the stela, see pp. 206 & 211). This is the first time that a photograph of (an exact copy of) the inscription appears publicly and the occasion is none other than the colloquium that takes place today and tomorrow in Khartoum on the sixth anniversary of Salah Omer al-Saddig’s passing away. It was always my wish that I publish this inscription in a volume in memoriam Salah Omer al-Saddig. In anticipation, I share this photo as well as the program of the colloquium that we received through the International Society for Nubian Studies.

Picture 001 Picture

We hope that this entry will function also as an attraction for those of you, resident or present in Athens, to our talk tomorrow! Here is the starting slide of our presentation:

Slide1 for presentation at HSSAA

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