A literary celebration of an anniversary

We just came back from a visit to Dalsfjorden in the prefecture of Møre and Romsdal, 7 hours drive north of Bergen. We had an excellent time with our family and friends, enjoying a relaxing weekend.

Dalsfjord kyrkje

For these days, I had planned to read fiction during my free time – not even prose, but poetry. I did not move completely away from my academic interests though: the author, Arif Gamal, is a Nubian, and his book “Morning in Serra Mattu: A Nubian Ode“, clearly related with my work on the textual finds from the medieval site of Serra East, Cerre Matto in Old Nubian.


I didn’t expect any academic input from this reading – although I realized quickly that there were various treasures to glean from the verses of Dr. Gamal. But also my involvement with Nubia is not purely academic. And I doubt that anyone working with the past of this land and its people feels differently: Nubiologists share the concerns and the wishes of the Nubians.

So, it was impossible to forget that today is the 61st anniversary of the mass migration that took place due to the building of the Aswan High Dam in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Thus, our hearts were also turned to London where Nubians commemorated the anniversary today; and among them was Arif Gamal, Jalal Mohamed Hashim, Herman Bell that our readers have already been acquainted with.

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