A new Dr. of Sudan Archaeology

On Friday, Henriette defended successfully her PhD thesis with the topic “War on the southern frontier of the emerging state of ancient Egypt: A warfare perspective on the history of the A-Group people in Lower Nubia during the 4th millennium BCE“.

cover of thesis

The success of her defense was not only the result of her exhaustive work..

exhaustive work

thought-provoking analysis…


and firm replies to her opponents’ questions.

firm replies

It was also the ability of the latter to create a very high quality academic event…

Geoff Emberling Alice Stevenson

that I believe will be long remembered by all those present.

all those present

A special mention should be made to the leader of the committee, Nils Anfinset, who was pivotal for the building of the report and the structure of the opponents’ combined input…

Nils Anfinset

…as well as to the Dean, Knut Vikør, who is becoming more and more knowledgeable in things Sudanese (and archaeological!) since he has led quite some defenses on Nubiological/Sudanological topics until now!

Knut Vikør

Our wish is that more will follow, despite all the worrying signs for the future of humanistic studies in UiB during the last months…

In any case, Henriette is now beyond this stage in her academic career and we are all awaiting impatiently for her next moves, since she is surely an individual that can change the course of events as she has done for our own lives in the most positive ways so often!

Dr Hafsaas Tsakos

Closing this chapter in her life, there is noone to be thanked more for the achievement than her two supervisors, Randi Haaland and Tim Insoll.

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8 Responses to A new Dr. of Sudan Archaeology

  1. Wendy Teeter says:


  2. Wantje Fritschy says:

    Dear dr. Hafsaas Tsakos, I am a master-student Egyptology in Leiden University with a special interest in the pre- and early dynastic period. I would very much like to read your thesis, but it has not yet arrived in the university library here in Leiden. I wonder it it would be possible to read it somewhere as a pdf? My congratulations with what seems to have been a very interesting event!
    Wantje Fritschy.

    • ergamenis says:

      Thank you for your comment and interest as well as for following our blog! Have you seen what Henriette has uploaded in her academia.edu webpage? You may wish to contact her directly through that channel. Thanks again!

      • Wantje Fritschy says:

        Yes I read the abstract, which made me eager to read the book. The librarian of the Egyptological institute here in Leiden told me that there is no budget left for this year and that she cannot order it earlier than next January. (I would like to use it for a paper that has to be handed in on 15. January.)

  3. Henrihafsakos says:

    Thank you again for the interest. I can send it to the Library now and get paid for the expenses next year. Just ask the librarian to contact me. I fortunately have too few copies to distribute them to private persons, and since I work on a publication of the thesis, I do not wish to distribute PDFs. Thanks for the understanding and good luck with the paper.

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