Before summer 2015 in Greece…

Lovely feeling to be back home :-)

Even more so that the whole family will depart tomorrow for summer holidays – the destination is none other than Greece, Hellas, and we depart with the hope not that the crisis will not disturb our summer break, but rather that before the summer is out a solution is found that will be the first step towards the exit from the crisis…

In the meantime, two last things nubiological:

1. The link to how Vemund Blomkvist, a Norwegian classicist turned his attention to the Greek language in Nubia:åket-i-nubia.html; and with a very interesting result indeed!

2. A photo taken during the Attiri workshop in the beginning of June:

G.R. & Nubian Kings

It shows Giovanni Ruffini, who expanded his Nubiological creativity to the field of gaming too! Giovanni created the board game called “Nubian Kings” that he proudly presents us in the photo and describes hereby:

Nubian Kings is a strategy card game set in medieval Africa.


In the Middle Ages, the Nile Valley in northeast Africa is the scene of a fierce competition between three great nations, Egypt, Ethiopia and Nubia.  Each power meddles intensely in the affairs of others: Egyptians play one Nubian Christian prince against another; alliances shift rapidly between Egypt’s Christians and Muslims; Ethiopia’s Jews and Muslims threaten the stability of that country’s ancient Christian kingdom.  No one can trust anyone else, even their own people.

We did not have the chance to play the game when Giovanni had brought it to Bergen, but we have already asked him to put us in the lists of those who wish to purchase it! Would have loved to have it in Greece this summer bringing friends together around it during the warm summer nights of the Aegean…

Καλό καλοκαίρι!!

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2 Responses to Before summer 2015 in Greece…

  1. ounoginiri says:

    the description of the background remembers me an other sad game running actually….

    • ergamenis says:

      One of the roles of history is to teach us by understanding the past how to tackle the present for a bette future.
      For example how to courageously avoid failed systems!

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