Things from Old Nubia in Bergen – Part II

The eve of the workshop on the Old Nubian manuscripts from Attiri started with the best omens possible.

Two of the participants, Giovanni Ruffini and Vincent van Gerven Oei, chief editors of the new Nubiological journal Dotawo announced the appearance of the second volume of the series, completing the publication of the papers presented in a Nubian language panel organized by Angelika Jakobi within the Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium held at the University of Cologne, May 22 to 24, 2013.

dotawo 2

Vincent arrived a couple of hours ago and joined the other participants that were already in Bergen from earlier, namely Petra Weschenfelder, Kerstin Weber-Thum and Vincent Laisney. Giovanni is arriving tomorrow morning and he will be heading directly from the airport to the University, where from early morning intense work on the Old Nubian manuscripts discovered in the 1960s at the island site of Attiri in Batn el-Hajar will begin.

This workshop is surely the most important academic venue about Old Nubian hosted at the University of Bergen. But it is not the first one!

Among the treasures that I have discovered working with the archives of two institutes of the Faculty of Humanities at UiB was a sound-recording of the talks given in 1977 by the Nubian professor of archaeology Ali Osman (University of Khartoum) about the linguistic situation in Sudan – where of course the Nubian language and its precursor Old Nubian had a special place. The recording is kept with the other recordings from the long history of the institute of Linguistic, Literary and Æsthetic studies and we promise to upload it in the near future.

We thank Siri Fredrikson for the photo

We thank Siri Fredrikson for the photo

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