Sudan Week in Bergen, Day 4: Mahmoud’s defense

It’s always nice to complete a sequence of academic activities with a concrete and tangible result. And the Sudan Week in Bergen was surely crowned by the addition of another doctor (Dr. Phil.) in the list of those who have achieved the task among the Sudanese archaeologists.

Mahmoud & Jeremy Pope

Mahmoud Suliman Bashir defended successfully his thesis this morning and as a comment suffice to quote his supervisor Randi Haaland, who exclaimed in the thanking speech she gave at the dinner we just came back from: “The rest of the Sudanese archaeologists should be careful: the best among you is now a doctor”!

We will be looking forward to seeing more academic output from Mahmoud, as well as his role in forming the future of Sudan archaeology. Ourselves, we will return to our casual activities after the weekend of the Pentecost.

But perhaps some of you would like to have something more to read, so why not continue with topics on cultural heritage by turning the attention to the second entry in the category “academic” of the blog of the Organization for greek-norwegian cooperation in the fields of culture and humanities”? We are hosting the talk given by the Greek archaeologist Christos Koutsothanasis on “Protecting Cultural Heritage from Looting and Illicit Trafficking: The Case of Greece“.

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