Some good reasons to return to blogging

We just came back from the third course of Greek language that the Organization for Greek-Norwegian cooperation in the field of culture and humanities is offering (for a very reasonable price) to all interested in Bergen. It has been a very long day, just as all days with an afternoon course are…

In fact, this semester Alexandros is responsible for the four groups of students who are following the introductory course on Ancient Religions of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, plus Nordic and Sami religions, at the Department of Religious Studies at the Institute of Archaeology, History, Cultural and Religious Studies at the University of Bergen, and all four groups are in after-noon hours. Tough weekdays…

With this and that it has become a luxury to write in our blog, although in several occasions there were things we wanted to share from here.

For example, we were very happy to see that the 50 years anniversary of the School of Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen was celebrated with special references to Gunnar Haaland and Fredrik Barth, the whole net-presentation being accompanied by images that we have put online in the “Darfur Before” internet-exhibition.

On the other hand we were not happy to have our fears confirmed from friends on the field at Sai that the so-called Cathedral site has received no protection either against the electrical company which has placed the main pylon next to the ruins, or against the looters who seem to continue illegal digging as a side-activity to gold mining…

Especially since we really wish to find a way to return to the field, starting with work on the pottery masses that have accumulated in the two years of digging…

Actually, it sounded even intriguing to consider contributing to the planned volume on Egyptian pottery in Ancient Sudan – a publication project launched by Romain David with whom we have had such fine time and good collaboration on Sai Island – using the material from the earliest phases of the Christian era. But this decision will have to wait.

In the meantime, we are enjoying glimpses of the island and archaeology on it through the very good blog of Julia Budka:

Things are not uninteresting in the North though. For obvious reasons the venue that stands out, at least for Alexandros, is the lecture that Joost Hagen will give in Oxford next Friday the 13th of February about Four Coptic letters from Qasr Ibrim concerning the relations between Christian Nubia, Muslim Egypt and the Blemmyes/Beja in the summer of 760 AD. Hope some friends who promised to attend will report back the juicy contents that surely Joost will offer to his audience!

As for us, well, we’ll close the post as we opened it: with a reference to the activities that are taking place in the frame of the Organization for Greek-Norwegian cooperation in the fields of culture and humanities:

Poster "en sydlig tur mot nord"

Yes, the marvelous exhibition by Yannis Skoulas will be hosted in Trondheim and we invite you warmly to attend the opening, at least those of you who can make it to the Science Museum of the University of Trondheim on Sunday at 13:00!

Invitation en sydlig tur mot nord

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